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Magic Mushrooms: Researching Benefits For Addiction And Pain

In the past few years, psychedelic research for mental health has been growing exponentially. A large share of this research has been focused on the effects of psilocybin on depression, PTSD, and anxiety. As interest and research continues to grow, scientists are expanding their exploration into other mental health challenges like OCD, Addiction, and Chronic Pain. One such research is happening at the University Of Alabama in Birmingham.

Dr. Peter Hendricks, professor of public health at UAB is conducting trials to assess the efficacy of psilocybin in helping people overcome cocaine addiction.

In a recent interview by, an Alabama news publication, Dr. Hendrick noted:

"I think even the earliest humans realized there’s something about psilocybin, and it’s not just a recreational good time, it’s something else, it’s something much more serious, much more potent, and in fact, in many cases, it was considered quite sacred.

Suddenly your horizons are broadened, and broadened tremendously, and you’re thinking about something other than obtaining or using that drug (or worrying about your pain),”

“It’s as though you’ve taken a step outside of yourself, and you’re able to perhaps see some patterns that you might not have otherwise seen, or you might have some insights you might not have otherwise had when you were in the state of tunnel vision.”

In his research at UAB, Hendricks found these changes in perception to have lasting effects:

“Those randomized to receive psilocybin reported significantly fewer days of cocaine use compared to those who were randomized to receive the placebo,” he said about unblinding the first 10 participants in his study on cocaine addiction."


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