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Microdose Guru


Microdose Guru© is an Integrative Microdosing education and harm reduction resource. Our mission is to democratize access to psychedelic education in an effort to inform, advocate, and inspire the therapeutic and medicinal use of psychedelic medicines through a safe, conscious, and mindful approach in service to health and well-being for all. 

We are one of the most comprehensive publishers of free educational and support materials for microdosing psychedelics. Our platform offers a wide range of free and paid educational resources including helpful tips, the latest updates in psychedelic science, legal updates, online workshops, courses, a microdosing journal, and personalized microdosing protocols. 

Microdose Guru© was founded in 2020 by Anahita Anais; a NeuroHealth & Emotional Agility Coach, Microdosing Expert, Trauma Healer, and Wisdom Keeper. Her work is rooted in her decade+ experience as a carrier of ancient wisdom traditions, a medicine woman, a resilience expert, and a product leader in the tech sector. Anahita is trained and certified in Mental Health Integrative Medicine, various Somatic Trauma Therapy modalities, Positive Intelligence, and Holistic Chronic Pain Coaching. To learn more about her high-touch private leadership advisory work, please visit

Anahita's path with psychedelics is interwoven with her journey of resilience and healing from the trauma of war, persecution, and her history as a refugee from Iran, as well as her decade-long journey with chronic pain. Her approach pays homage to ancient traditions and plant allies that have supported her path to healing, wellness, wisdom, and stewardship. 


"Microdose Guru" refers to the practice of sitting with the Guru aka the spirit of microdosing practice as a teacher, guide, and healer. No person is "the guru", it is the spirit of the work and your relationship with it. Welcome to the practice of sitting with the guru!  

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