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How Long Do Psilocybin Microdose Effects Last?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

While an average macrodose experience of psilocybin can last 4-6 hours, the microdosing experience effects and length are less predictable.

The microdose practice by definition is meant to produce very subtle effects (depending on the dosage of course). Most of my clients report experiencing an overall sense of well-being all day and into the following days. The experience seems to vary not only from person to person but also across different dosing days for the same individual. Some report feeling no pronounced effects on one day and experiencing distinctly noticeable effects that last for many hours only one day later with the same dosage.

While statistically significant and controlled studies are required to identify the varying factors contributing to the expression and length of the experience, it is my personal assessment that psilocybin microdoses seem to function much like adaptogens; adapting to the needs of the body to find balance and homeostasis at the time of microdosing. While on some days individuals can experience a noticeable creativity boost, on days that they have had very little sleep the night before, they are more likely to feel tired and inspired to spend the day in rest and introspection.

With that said, under a balanced homeostasis state, practitioners can expect to experience the effects of a standard (90mg-100mg) microdose for 4-6 hours.


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