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When Can I Expect To See Results From Microdosing?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

One of the most common questions I get as a microdosing guide is "when can I expect to see results?". The short answer is "it depends!". There are many factors impacting our experience of microdosing; set and setting, our body chemistry, supplements, diet, overall health, and mindful approach all impact our experience. Furthermore, different individuals microdose for different purposes; some requiring a longer period of microdosing to experience results. The most common desired outcomes my clients seek are:

  • Relief from depressive symptoms

  • Relief from anxiety symptoms

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Enhanced focus

  • Improved overall well-being

Generally speaking, individuals seeking boosts in creativity and focus tend to experience faster results than individuals seeking relief from depression and anxiety symptoms. Most individuals can expect to experience boosts in creativity and focus within one week or less after beginning their practice. While individuals seeking relief from depression and anxiety can often experience results within even the first dose, they are more likely to requires 2+ weeks of practice to experience desired outcomes. Other factors like overall health, diet, a recent history of prescription medication use (especially SSRIs), and the use of supplements that can interfere with the functions of the microdose substance can also impact the length of time needed to experience the results. It is also critical to note that having the right approach and relationship with psychedelic medicines is a critical factor in cultivating the benefits of the practice. Many of these substances are sacred indigenous medicines that require the active participation, reverence, respect, and focused intention of the practitioner to deliver the full spectrum of their benefits. Simply put, microdosing is not a "fix-it pill"! Sacred medicines work best with the energy of reciprocity. I encourage my clients to always approach this practice with an attitude of mindfulness, slowing down, and curiosity. Asking the following questions is a great starting point:

  • "Am I here to "demand" and "take" the benefits or am I here to be shown and guided to a new way of seeing and being?"

  • "What am I willing to let go of to receive this medicine?"

  • "How can I create the most hospitable environment in my body, mind, spirit, and physical space for this practice?"

  • "Am I taking my dose with intention and mindfulness?"

  • "Have I asked the medicine for what I need? Am I listening for cues?"

  • "How open am I to being taught by this practice?"

As you see, the practice of microdosing and the mechanisms by which it functions are far more complex than meets the eye. While scientific research papers can observe and report the verifiable benefits, they lack the critical component of accounting for the varying physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors that impact the outcome. Science covers one important angle of the practice but it does not possess the tools to understand and report on the delicate nuances of working with sacred medicines. I encourage all practitioners to prioritize developing a sacred container and dialogue with sacred medicines to both deepen their connection with nature and to expand the medicinal effects through the right relationship. If you've been practicing the points highlighted above and are still not experiencing desired outcomes, you might want to consider hiring a microdosing coach to help you fine-tune your diet, supplemental regimen, and lifestyle to better fit your microdosing practice.


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The perspectives and recommendations on this website are not made by a medical professional and should not be considered medical advice. Readers are encouraged to consult their physician before taking any supplements or substances. 


While we believe that psychedelic medicines must be decriminalized, psychedelic substances are still considered  "Schedule I" substances in the US and continue to be subject to strong enforcement across nearly all states. The reader is responsible for checking their local rules and regulations and making informed decisions with all risk considerations. Microdose Guru does not endorse or accept liability for its readers' personal choices.  

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