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Mindful Microdosing© Journal

START, TRACK, and OPTIMIZE your microdosing journey, with this EXPERT-CRAFTED design

Step-by-step guided process including:

  • How to choose your Dose

  • How to choose a Dosing Protocol

  • How to set up a Mindful Practice

  • How to Design a Ritual authentic to you

  • Planning Calendar

  • Tracking System to enhance your outcomes

  • Daily and Weekly themes, prompts, and journal sections

  • 140 pages designed to support a full microdosing cycle (6 weeks)


Mindful Microdosing© Online Course


Our Mindful Microdosing course is designed to be an unforgettable and transformative journey into the heart of Mindful Microdosing. Our robust approach includes six pre-recorded weekly sessions, supplemental guided exercises, and our top rated Mindful Microdosing guided journal. You’ll complete this journey feeling inspired, empowered, and aligned, with fresh perspectives and practices to support your health and well-being outcomes. 

Maximize the efficacy and sustainability of your microdosing practice through a personalized protocol crafted to best suit your body's needs and health goals. ​

Our thorough intake and review process includes a complete history, lifestyle, and biodata assessment to help us craft an effective plan. Our integrative approach takes into account the Whole Human and brings together many modalities to support health and vitality. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all wellness plans. Our Personalized Protocols acknowledge and honor each individual's unique needs

You will receive an expert-crafted plan of action catered to your specific needs including optimal dosage, schedule, recommended supplements to improve outcomes, as well as supportive lifestyle changes and resources to support your goals. 

Personalized Microdosing Protocols

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