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Personalized Microdosing Protocol

Maximize the efficacy and sustainability of your microdosing practice through a personalized protocol crafted to best suit your body's needs and health goals. 

This service includes a complete review of your current and recent medications, supplements, and herbs, as well as your diet and lifestyle to ensure no adverse consequences and enhanced efficacy. 

You will receive a thorough plan of action including optimal dosage, schedule, recommended supplements to improve outcomes, as well as supportive lifestyle changes to support your goals. 

Available Add-Ons:

  • Ongoing microdosing support: ideal for anyone diagnosed with a chronic mental health condition 

  • Integrative Nutrition Plan For Mental Health 

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Complimentary Microdosing Consultation


The first step in deciding whether a Personalized Microdosing Protocol might be right for you.


Get answers to your most basic questions about microdosing. Find out if you are a candidate to benefit from this practice. 

Synthesize profound psychedelic journey experiences in a professional trauma-informed and safe container. Make sense of the insights, visions, and experiences from your experience and design a plan to integrate them into your daily life for lasting positive change. 

This service is optimal for anyone seeking to dissect, advance, and enhance their understanding of their personal psychedelic journey, recurring themes, and the wealth of sensory insights that often go unnoticed. 

Individual and ongoing sessions are available. Book a free consultation to find out more. 

Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Integration

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