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79% Of Microdosers Experience Improved Mental Health

PsyPost recently published the results of a survey suggesting that 79% of those who microdose experience improved mental health. The original survey was conducted by Psychopharmacology; the Official Journal of the European Behavioural Pharmacology Society (EBPS).

An international, online survey questioned 1,102 current and past microdosing individuals. The average age of the respondents was 33 and 57% had been diagnosed with a mental health disorder in the past.

Of the 39% of the participants that indicated improving their mental health was their main motivation,

21% were microdosing for depression

7% for anxiety

9% for other mental disorders including PTSD

2% for drug or alcohol use

85% of this group had previously received either medication or psychotherapy. Over 50% of those who had received prescriptions for medication, reported having ceased antidepressants and 39.7% reported having ceased other psychiatric medications through their microdosing practice.

“Respondents who had been microdosing for a longer duration were also more likely to be motivated to microdose for mental health. This may suggest that microdosing is working for these people, and that they are continuing to microdose as an ongoing therapy to replace or supplement psychiatric medications, some with the knowledge of their doctor and/or psychotherapist,” Lea and associates note.

The results indicated that, at least from the perspective of respondents, the practice of microdosing elicited positive mental health effects. As the researchers report, “Forty-four percent of all respondents perceived that their mental health was much better and 35.8% perceived that it was somewhat better because of microdosing."


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