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Do I Take My Microdose Every Day?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The short answer is, no!

Effective microdosing protocols include "on days" and "off days". On the on days, we take a specific dose, and on off days, we skip a dose. There are two main reasons why off days are necessary for optimal results:

  • The individual can develop a tolerance to the dose requiring higher consecutive doses to experience the benefits.

  • Off days are designed to give our brain the opportunity to organically ramp up serotonin and dopamine production.

What makes microdosing practice so powerful and effective is how it functions in our brains. For example, psilocybin stimulates our serotonin (happy hormone) production resulting in improved mood and emotional well-being. However, if we continue to promote serotonin stimulation in the brain through chemical interventions (whether plant-based or pharmaceuticals), the brain's natural ability to produce these neurotransmitters becomes compromised. This is why it is so challenging to stop taking antidepressants and/or strong mood-altering drugs (Adderall, Opiates, Amphetamines, etc).

By taking off days, we are allowing the brain to not only maintain its own natural production of neurotransmitters but we are also encouraging a boost in natural production by providing consistent stimulation during on days. Our brains are truly marvelous works of art that continue to morph and change. The microdose practice simply facilitates that change towards a state of balance and wholeness.

The microdose practice isn't meant to be utilized as a daily practice, even with the on and off days, a proper protocol must include weeks and even months off of a microdosing practice to allow the brain to balance, adjust, and flourish organically. Think of the microdose practice as "training wheels" for a happy and thriving brain! Once the balance is achieved, there is no need to continue taking the microdose. With that said, our modern lives have a way of getting us off balance from time to time and many choose to complete 1 or 2 protocols each year to maintain the health and balance of the neurotransmitters in the brain.


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