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Do I Take The Microdose On a Workday or a Rest Day?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The answer is BOTH!! The microdose practice is suitable for dosing on both workdays and rest days. The choice depends on your intention and what you'd like to accomplish through the practice. It is generally recommended that individuals take their first dose on a rest day to allow their mind and body the opportunity to experience the effects without the pressure of performance. This is generally recommended more to ease the minds of a new microdoser and reduce the anxiety of the initial dose. Those who are seeking lasting results are encouraged to follow a specific dosing schedule which in all likelihood will include workdays and rest days for most. Your intention is a powerful driver of the experience when microdosing. Participants often report having strong focus and productivity when dosing on a workday and days of careless joy and playfulness when dosing on a rest day.


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