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How Long Should I Microdose For?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The length of the microdose practice is dependent on the desired outcome. Different individuals microdose for different reasons; some seek acute effects for the duration of the dose while others seek long-lasting effects. Seeking Long-Term Change: Most individuals who engage in the microdose practice do so in search of lasting results which is achieved through following specific protocols designed for their individual needs. Most protocols are designed for mood enhancement or boosting focus and productivity; these protocols last an average of 4 months (including off cycles) and are crafted to facilitate long-term changes in the brain. Individuals seeking long-lasting change are encouraged to work with professional advisors to craft the ideal schedule during a time that they can adhere to a deliberate and precise dosing schedule. Following the completion of a full protocol, doses can be taken as "boosters" on special occasions as needed. Seeking Short-Term Booster: Some individuals take microdoses to enhance short-term creativity, inspiration, and mood boost often for a specific project or purpose; this could be a single dose. The results are much less predictable in this context. Some individuals do experience shifts with a single dose while others require a more regimented approach to experience the effects. It is recommended that individuals complete a minimum of one regimented long-term protocol before working with booster doses.


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