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Exploring Microdosing LSD For Late-Stage Cancer Patients

Some of the reported benefits of microdosing LSD include increased openness, the ability to consider a new perspective, and reduced anxiety. Many late-stage cancer patients struggle with anxiety, depression, and fear of death. The scientists at the University of Auckland in New Zealand are planning a trial with administering small amounts of LSD to late-stage cancer patients to assess its efficacy in improving quality of life and end-of-life mental health. In a recent article published by the New Zealand Herald, "the lead researcher, health psychologist Lisa Reynolds from the University of Auckland, shared that the drug could offer the patients a cognitive pathway to reduce anxiety around dying and allow them to connect with what was important to them. "Some of the anecdotal reports that have come out around LSD micro-dosing and some early research suggests that LSD micro-dosing might make people more cognitively flexible, more open to new ideas, maybe be able to see things from new perspectives," she said.

She goes on to explain the methodology and add "The research I've seen so far suggests that psychedelics such as LSD might have the potential to improve quality of life, reduce fear of death, reduce anxiety and depression, increase spirituality. There's a whole lot of early-stage findings that are pretty compelling."

Dr. Reynolds hopes that microdosing LSD for late-stage cancer patients can be a great addition to what she calls "meaning-centred therapy", encouraging patients to assess and connect with what's most important to them in their lives.


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