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What Is The Ideal Time Of The Day To Microdose?

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Although you can dose at any time, it is generally recommended that you take your dose in the morning, ideally before 11 am and no later than 1 pm.

Microdosing in the morning has many benefits:

  • Starting your day with a dose helps uplift your spirit and keep your mood elevated throughout the day

  • Your mindset and emotions are generally more balanced first thing in the morning allowing for a more pleasant experience

  • When you take your dose in the morning, your digestive system has an easier time integrating the dose and you experience more noticeable effects

  • Morning microdosing invites a more powerful sense of mindfulness and presence to your day than doses taken later in the day

  • Microdosing later in the day can impact your sleep rhythm and keep you up at night


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