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The Ideal Diet While Microdosing

Updated: Apr 24

Whether you're a newbie to the world of microdosing (welcome!) or a veteran looking to expand the dimensions of your practice, having the appropriate all-encompassing diet is absolutely essential to a fruitful and profound practice.

Microdosing is a gateway that facilitates a more profound sense of connection to our bodies' innate wisdom. As we cultivate a deeper relationship with the body, we are empowered to make more supportive and beneficial choices with our diet.

Mindful Microdosing is a vehicle and catalyst for insights and changes that can support our lasting health, vibrancy, joy, and fulfillment. Microdosing offers us the opportunity to see our values, lifestyle, choices, and relations in a new light. Microdosing is an invitation, not a "magic pill" that can miraculously bring about positive outcomes.

A mindful approach, ritual, commitment, patience, and integration are needed to support positive and lasting results. Simply put, the extent of the benefits of microdosing is in direct correlation to the level of care, attention, and commitment invested into the practice.

If our engagement with the practice looks like "popping a pill" and going about our lives as usual; eating unhealthy, heavy sugar and caffeine consumption, drinking alcohol regularly, heavy daily cannabis use, abusing other substances, and mindless consumption of media and pornography, would it be any surprise if nothing changes in our experience? Have we truly engaged with the practice or have we taken a passive and extractive approach while expecting a miracle?

Microdosing is a mindfulness practice. We are invited to tune in, listen, and notice how different influences in our lives impact our experience from physical health and vitality, to emotional balance and well-being, to spiritual insights and practice. Our diet is not only what we eat but also what we feed our minds and spirits.

My #1 recommendation to microdosing clients is to tune in, listen, and respond to the needs of their body, mind, and spirit each day as these are not separate entities. Mindful curation in one area supports well-being across the board. When our spirit is supported, our digestive system works better, and vice versa. When we support our brain with healthy foods, our ability to effectively navigate emotions is also enhanced.

A critical understanding to keep in mind is that microdosing is a practice of subtlety that requires gentle sensitivity and attunement to nuance. Many substances like alcohol, cannabis, caffeine, and Adderall present significant and dominant alterations to our experience resulting in a loss of ability to detect and appreciate the potent insights that are revealed in the subtlety of a sovereign microdosing experience.

While dietary recommendations can vary depending on individual needs, history, and goals, here are my general recommendations for a healthy holistic diet during your microdosing cycle (including transition and integration days):


  • Meals before dosing

  • Dairy products, especially under the influence

  • Red meats, especially under the influence

  • All processed sugars

  • Stimulants (caffeine, Adderall, etc)

  • Alcohol (never mix with your dose)

  • Cannabis (never mix with your dose)

  • Media consumption (social media, violence, TV, news, etc)

  • Pornography


  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Fish, eggs, lean meats

  • Healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, sardines, etc)

  • Nuts and nut butter

  • Introspective practices (journaling, meditation, etc)

  • Time in nature

  • Unstructured time doing nothing

Often clients ask if they can have an occasional glass of wine or if they have to give up smoking cannabis to microdose. My response is always the same "while an occasional exception is perfectly fine (extremism is never the goal of microdosing), if you find yourself strongly resisting or concerned about any of the recommendations, consider it an invitation to get curious about what the resistance might be communicating with you."

For example, why do you feel a strong resistance to letting go of daily cannabis consumption or drinking multiple alcoholic beverages in a day? What benefits do these substances offer you? What are you numbing or escaping? The discomfort and the ensuing inquiries are precisely the purposes of these recommendations.

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The purpose of a microdosing diet is far beyond basic health and brain functions but it is rather a dimension to practice mindful awareness and anchor our practice in our day-to-day lives. When we approach the practice through integrative frameworks like diet, we are more likely to experience immediate, tangible, and lasting benefits from our practice.

While the general recommendations above support the basics of designing a mindful practice, a Personalized Microdosing Protocol offers the most comprehensive and effective plan to support each individual's needs with their health, history, lifestyle, and goals in mind. Book a free consultation to get started on your customized plan.


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Mindful Microdosing Course

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The perspectives and recommendations on this website are not made by a medical professional and should not be considered medical advice. Readers are encouraged to consult their physician before taking any supplements or substances. 


While we believe that psychedelic medicines must be decriminalized, psychedelic substances are still considered  "Schedule I" substances in the US and continue to be subject to strong enforcement across nearly all states. The reader is responsible for checking their local rules and regulations and making informed decisions with all risk considerations. Microdose Guru does not endorse or accept liability for its readers' personal choices.  

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