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Mindful Microdosing: Subtlety

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Microdosing is an invitation to subtlety; an invitation to slow down, connect with our body, mind, and spirit, to get curious, become aware and tend to the gentle yet profound ways the medicine moves through our bodies.

In a world saturated with high activated states, turbulent environment, social, and political changes, and a seemingly endless drive to perform at all costs, microdosing is a gift and a breath of fresh air guiding us towards states of balance, harmony, and homeostasis.

While large doses of psychedelic medicines provide incredibly powerful portals to move beyond the perceivable reality to gain new perspectives, microdosing is an invitation to look for the subtle signs within our day-to-day reality for opportunities to shift and grow in a more integrative manner.

The demands and pressures of our lives often drive us into states of avoidance and disassociation in an effort to find relief and refuge from our struggles and shadows yet the results are never lasting unless we take mindful and deliberate action to alter our habits and lifestyles. Microdosing is the opportunity to become aware of our habitual ways and how they support or sabotage our desired outcomes. The enhanced brain plasticity states achieved through microdoing offer an incredibly potent opportunity to not only witness ourselves but also begin to make small changes in our daily routines and rituals to support our health and well-being.

Slowing down, connecting with the body, the sensations, the thoughts, the gentle nuances of the experience each offer a wealth of wisdom and insights to guide our journey through life.

The more we slow down, get curious, and ask questions, the more we receive the benefits of this practice. Often the most profound changes happen in the most simple ways. One of my favorite ways to enhance the gifts of my practice is committing to at least one simple change to my daily routine for every round of microdosing; the results have been truly profound. These small and simple changes often carry the most profound opportunities for facilitating further positive changes.

As you begin your next micordosing round, try committing to a single simple change to your daily routine, witness and document your resistances, and watch the medicine unfold and blossom in your being.


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