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Mindful Microdosing: Harmony

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Psychedelics have long been revered for their ability to modify thoughts and perceptions. Many psychedelic research findings have also demonstrated the effect of psychedelics on consciousness and personality traits.

In previous posts on Mindful microdosing, I shared the importance of a mindful approach to the microdosing practice by highlighting reciprocity and subtlety as two potent frameworks to guide practitioners on their experience of microdosing. This post explores the pursuit of harmony as another pillar of Mindful Microdosing.

Harmony by definition is about a pleasant arrangement of multiple parts. Harmony in its essence is about beauty. To harmonize means to make compatible. Harmony is best described in the context of music; to match keys and notes, to not disrupt or disturb the existing melodic structure of music. This very same definition also explains how we approach the world around us: with harmony or disharmony.

To approach life from a place of harmony, one practices mindfulness and curiosity in an effort to take notice and study the natural order of things regardless of one's personal agenda or prejudice. Psychedelics practitioners often report feelings of openness and expansive connection to all of life often characterized as "being in-tune with all of life", in other words, a sense of harmony.

Psychedelics offer us the opportunity to examine ourselves and our contributions to the world around us through a new harmonizing lens. We practice harmony by first becoming aware of our own inner thoughts and emotions through a curious non-judgemental lens, appreciating the intelligent design and innate beauty of our experience, and taking great care and caution in nurturing only the harmonious aspects of our being.

As we harmonize our inner world, we then turn out awareness to the world around us and examine our relationship with nature, society as a whole, and our relations to study how we perceive, approach, and engage with the world around us in an effort to promote harmony

Here are some key questions to ponder to facilitate the practice of harmony:

  • Am I approaching life with a perspective of curiosity and appreciation or judgment and criticism?

  • Am I able to interact with those I do not agree with in a harmonious and respectful manner?

  • What more can I find to appreciate about what's before me?

  • Are my thoughts and actions congruent with my core values?

  • Are my contributions promoting harmony or disharmony in my immediate surroundings?

  • Am I attuned to and respectful of the innate harmony in nature? Am I taking active steps to protect and promote this harmony?

Mindful microdosing is a wonderful opportunity to take a tally of our energetic contributions to our inner and outer world and make positive adjustments towards a more harmonious life with ourselves, others, and the environment around us.


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