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What Are The Benefits Of Microdosing Psychedelics? (UPDATED)

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Microdosing psychedelics has been gaining momentum for the past few years. A practice that only a short time ago was considered "edgy" and taboo, is now the subject of Netflix series, New York Times interviews, and celebrity endorsements.

While clinical research into the benefits of psychedelic microdosing is extremely limited, anecdotal evidence, personal reports, and limited survey studies continue to paint a colorful picture of the benefits of microdosing psychedelics.

Here are the most commonly reported benefits of microdosing psychedelics:

Mood Enhancement

A strong majority of individuals engage in the practice as a means to boost their mood and spirit. Depression and anxiety are the two most common reasons individuals microdose for emotional well-being. This use case is backed by the largest survey study of microdosers. With that said, it is important to take great care and caution when microdosing for specific mental health conditions. For example, microdosing for anxiety if not done properly, can exacerbate anxiety while microdosing for depression while on antidepressants can be harmful.

If you are diagnosed with a mental health condition, speak to your doctor before starting a microdosing practice. It is also strongly recommended that you consult a microdosing expert with mental health training background to ensure the safety efficacy of your practice.

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Breaking Addictive/Compulsive Behaviors

Microdosing offers promising results for breaking addictive and compulsive patterns. Many individuals utilize this practice to support recovery from addiction to alcohol, amphetamines, opiates, compulsive eating disorders, and OCD. While there are currently no research studies exploring the role of microdosing in the treatment of addiction, evidence from some preliminary research of the higher doses of psychedelics supports the use of psychedelic medicines for addiction and OCD recovery.

The successful reports of microdosing for breaking addictive behaviors are likely linked to its reported effect on increasing mindfulness and conscientiousness. The more we find presence and awareness in our bodies and behaviors, the more likely we are to pause, assess, and choose different behaviors. Addiction by definition is an avoidance and escapism strategy while microdosing, by contrast, is a presence medicine. While a single dose of microdose likely won't heal addictive behavior overnight, consistent, mindful, and conscious practice can indeed support positive behavioral change over time.

Enhancing Creativity & Flow

Psychedelic medicines alter how the neurons in our brains fire, they eliminate many standard information filters allowing access to parts of our brain capacity often not easily accessible under normal circumstances. Under the effect of psychedelic medicines, our brains are extremely dynamic, creative, and versatile allowing for enhanced creativity and focus.

Microdosing when done with intention and a deliberate framework for enhancing creativity has been shown to improve both creative problem-solving and facilitate a flow state characterized by energized focus, engagement, and enjoyment in a process. This is the #1 reason provided for microdosing by nearly every business leader, entrepreneur, and changemaker that I work with. Looking for support to supercharge your business and creative goals? Book a consult with me to explore personalized service options.

Trauma, Disassociation, and PTSD

One of the lesser-known yet most effective uses of psychedelic micordosing is for strengthening body connection and safety in individuals with a history of trauma and PTSD.

While large doses of psychedelics are generally not recommended for individuals with a PTSD diagnosis (see "Psychedelics & Trauma: Precautions"), microdosing offers a distinctive and incredibly effective pathway to help alleviate symptoms of PTSD.

For example, psychedelic microdosing is uniquely effective in supporting embodiment and somatic safety as an antidote to disassociation which is a hallmark of PTSD and the root of other chronic mental health conditions like addiction and eating disorders.

For a complete list of the benefits of microdosing for PTSD and trauma, see "Microdosing Psychedelics For PTSD"

Spiritual Growth & Exploration

Microdosing is an invitation to presence, subtlety, and mindfulness. The practice of microdosing, when combined with an intentional and mindful container, is a wonderful process of spiritual growth and exploration. A true microdose does not offer visual distortions or "trips" but it rather unfolds gently in the background inviting the practitioner to slow down and tune into the subtle changes in sound, texture, breath, sensations, and taste.

The more we slow down and practice mindful observation and presence, the more likely we are to notice patterns, behaviors, and thoughts that often go unnoticed, to become aware of the magic in the mundane, and to observe aspects of our being that can be refined to support our growth.

The truth is that the full spectrum of microdosing benefits are only ever within reach when the practice is approached with reverence, reciprocity, mindfulness, and an attitude that acknowledges and honors the sacred roots of most of these medicines.

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